Our Story

What makes you unique? Your style statement, persona or aura, summing it up - YOU! Then why lose the sight of individuality in the fog of ever-changing trends? 

We are proudly changing the way you look at fashion and the way you dress up. We are bringing you back to your uniqueness. Because we believe it does not matter what brand you wear, what matters is that it is made for your personality. Let’s prioritize and invest our resources more in finding ourselves with meditation, finding a hobby and realizing the inner self, rather than blindly following the disposable fashion industry. Come, groom yourself as we are cutting through the excessive buzzing and giving you one solution - Quality Clothes & Personalized Fashion!

Rather than conforming to societal demands, Tessuto is bringing trendy ways to empower women through unique style and easy to choose ensembles - that we all can relate to. Intending to help you find yourself, we are ready to customize fashion for you as every woman is different, and in their uniqueness lies the real beauty.

 Here, we welcome women of all races and body-type and incorporate diversity into their wardrobe. Ladies, let’s inspire each other to love their uniqueness and showcase distinctive personalities through their everyday clothing. Without a doubt, fashion is one’s expression of creativity that should be celebrated in every possible way. With Tessuto ready to wear collection, free yourself from this clothing race and start the journey to the vast universe inside!

 Find yourself with Tessuto Fashions because you are magnificent in your special way.