Tessuto Fashions – A Movement to Negate Disposable Fashion

With the COVID-19 crisis being an eye-opener for most of us, some people couldn’t bear the reality of the world that we once were a part of in the most convenient and comfortable ways.

Taking this as a chance to envision a movement that negates the go-home-fashion-you’re drunk trends, Tessuto fashions was conceived during the great lockdown. I wanted to indoctrinate the concept of ‘you are what you wear’ in a world battered by the global pandemic.

We believe that a common Pakistani woman does not have to attach brand labels to look good. For all of us at Tessuto, “one needs to feel good and comfortable in his/her skin rather than following the top-selling disposable fashion trends in the market”.

Like our DNAs and fingerprints, everybody is unique and what looks good on one person, cannot feel the same on another one. The dress should always be custom made (tailored according to tone, shape and height).

This is the reason I started Tessuto Fashions to help Pakistani women get out of the stampede of wearing the most expensive designer dress and flaunting oneself as the one who has the maximum purchase power to afford such brands. We want every woman out there to look elegant, decent, comfortable, and happy with what she wears without getting into the unnecessary complications of buying huge piles of designer collections (quickly forgotten once the trends change).

Fast fashion or disposable fashion is causing more mental stress, forcing women of all age groups to dress in a certain way to remain acceptable for society at large.

Tessuto Fashions aims to change this concept. The team at Tessuto (under my leadership) wants women to be what they are and feel splendid by wearing what accentuates them the most rather than letting the society decide what suits them the most.

In the next series of ‘interviews,’ I will explain the central vision and mission behind Tessuto fashions in my words.